SEO-Friendly ChatGPT Prompts Made Easy (50 Prompts To Get You Started & How To Formulate Your Own)

With the rise of AI, many individuals are turning to it for assistance in their daily tasks, recognizing the immense potential they hold in making their lives more convenient.

Businesses around the world are also embracing AI and utilizing its capabilities to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation forward. 

Among the forefront of these advancements is ChatGPT, one of the largest and most sophisticated AI programs available today, which is accessible to anybody as long as they’re connected to the internet.

(Which is most likely more than half of the population anyway) 

Its ability to understand and generate human-like texts revolutionized productivity as we know it, making it an invaluable asset in today’s digital age.

And with all of the hype surrounding it, people are using it to produce their start-ups and grow their own businesses, just by providing it with prompts alone!

So, in this article, work smarter and not harder by learning all there is to know about prompt engineering, how to do it yourself, and use these examples as reference for a more reliable and authentic ChatGPT experience.

What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

A ChatGPT prompt is basically what you input into the AI model’s interface to have it generate a particular response

It could range from a simple question, statement, or even a whole essay’s worth of content!

For instance, you may use ChatGPT prompts to gain ideas on how to write an attractive and click-worthy business page on Facebook.

Your prompts could be: 

  • Give me a list of the most popular aesthetics and eye-catching color palettes in the market right now that I can incorporate into my own page.
  • Research what kind of products are trending for [insert type of audience] and provide me with the most interacted ones. 
  • Create a convincing elevator pitch for my business that will capture the attention of potential customers. [Insert more details about your business and provide specifications when needed]
Example of a ChatGPT prompt for types of aesthetics.

What Is Prompt Engineering?

A lot of people use ChatGPT functions a lot similar to a search engine (like Google or Bing), where users input a query and wait for a response.

While it has the basic functionality locked down, it often lacks depth, precision, and most of all, personality.

Despite being trained extensively on a number of internet resources, ChatGPT still has its limitations. 

This is where prompt engineering comes into play, which is a skill focused on crafting inputs to gain more accurate and desirable outcomes from large language models like ChatGPT.

A yellow AI companion floating above the ground and hovering over a floating laptop.

Essentially, rather than engaging ChatGPT in casual conversation, it’s more effective to adjust your commands to have a more specific language and provide enough context and detail.

5 Tips on how to create the most optimal prompts for chatGPT

1. Context is Key

A person using a laptop and surrounded by notes and drafts about marketing strategies.

To get better results right from the get-go, you should provide ChatGPT with relevant details about the specific scenario that you want it to talk about.

Incorporate information such as specifics about your current project, certain facts, and your preferences.

For example, instead of instructing it with a general prompt like “Generate a headline,” you could be more specific and say, “Generate a catchy headline for an article about digital marketing trends.”

With this more specific messaging, AI can have a much easier time delivering substantial results because of the added context necessary to guide it and focus on tailoring the content to be exactly what you want and how you want it to be.

2. Tell the AI to take on a specific role or identity

A woman in a knitted sweater is holding a cup while working on her laptop.

One of the most impressive things about AI is its ability to take on any kind of identity and roleplay as if it were that person specifically.

ChatGPT can basically write as if it were a friend, teacher, computer engineer, or even your sweet, next-door grandma!

(The sky’s, quite literally, the limit here)

So get creative with it and play around with different perspectives or professions and see which one suits your content best.

3. Provide accurate reference material and examples

2 men looking at a tablet and taking notes.

For all of its greatness, ChatGPT is notorious for losing its bearing and trailing off track by giving you inaccurate, sometimes even irrelevant results. 

So when you’re using the bot, it’s essential to improve the content it provides by giving it more data to work with and instructing the AI to respond with those in mind.

To do this, you’ll want to feed it a couple of things like well-researched information and terminology or best practices of a specific domain to ensure ChatGPT delivers tailored and accurate responses that align with your brand’s voice and meet your audience’s needs.

Having said that, I advise that you exercise caution and avoid sharing sensitive personal or company information that you wouldn’t want others to access.

Since OpenAI stores most of your queries, your data can potentially be visible to the provider, partners, or contractors.

Adding the increasing storage of online data on top of that, there’s a more heightened risk of potential hacks or breaches. 

And that’s just a pain to deal with.

So, prioritize privacy and security by being mindful of the information you share during interactions with ChatGPT.

4. Give it set guidelines to follow

Puzzle pieces that read "Rules" and "Regulation."

Some might think that giving it a list of do’s and don’ts is unnecessary.

But in reality, this is the most essential part of engineering your prompts for AI like ChatGPT and getting the most out of the bot’s intelligence.

How many words, characters and sentences do you want your content to have? Do you want a short draft or a comprehensive outline? What writing style and tone of voice should it emulate?

By answering these questions and specifying the details that you want ChatGPT to include in your desired output, you’ll get way more interesting results than if you decided to just skip it all together.

At the same time, you can go even further by creating a list of restrictions and constraints that the bot needs to abide by, and you can get as specific as you want.

You can write prompts like, “Don’t use figurative speech,” “Avoid fabricating additional information and just refer to the outline I provide,” or even “Don’t use the letter A.”

Whatever it is, experiment with different ones and adjust your prompt to generate a new response if needed or to include additional details.

The clearer the guidelines you set, the more room ChatGPT has to flex its creative muscles within those boundaries, and with its impressive processing capabilities, it can better understand and meet your specific needs.

5. Evaluate and improve the prompts

A man's hands is shown typing on a laptop that's propped on a wooden table.

Despite all of the tips and strategies provided on the internet, creating prompts for any type of GPT chatbot is a constant process of trial-and-error.

So try out various phrasings and methods to see which ones align best with your objectives and will appeal best to your target audience.

As you craft your prompts and input them into GPT’s system, make sure to observe the bot’s responses and tweak the results wherever you see fit.

By continuously repeating this process, not only are you enhancing your chatbot’s performance, but you’re also honing and cultivating your prompt-writing skills at the same time.

50 ChatGPT Prompts to Get you started

So, are you ready to try ChatGPT out for yourself? 

If you are, then here are a couple of fantastic prompts that ChatGPT itself engineered to get the ball rolling.

Prompts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Looking to boost your website’s visibility online? 

These ChatGPT prompts are tailored for SEO enthusiasts, helping you craft engaging content and optimize your site for better search engine rankings:

  1. Can you provide tips for optimizing website content for search engines?
  2. How can I incorporate keywords effectively into my blog posts?
  3. What are the best practices for writing meta descriptions that attract clicks?
  4. Can you explain the importance of backlinks and how to acquire them organically?
  5. What strategies can I use to improve my website’s loading speed for better SEO?
  6. How do I create SEO-friendly URLs for my web pages?
  7. What are the key elements of an SEO-friendly heading structure?
  8. Can you suggest tools for conducting keyword research and analyzing competition?
  9. What role does content quality play in SEO, and how can I ensure my content meets standards?
  10. How do I optimize images and multimedia content for search engines?

Prompts for content creation

If you’re struggling to find your next big content idea for your YouTube channel or any other social media platform, these ChatGPT prompts are designed to stir your creativity and streamline your content creation process: 

  1. What are some effective strategies for brainstorming content ideas?
  2. Can you provide tips for creating engaging headlines that capture readers’ attention?
  3. How can I structure my content to ensure readability and flow?
  4. What are the best practices for incorporating storytelling into my content?
  5. Can you recommend techniques for conducting research and gathering relevant information?
  6. How do I tailor my content to resonate with my target audience?
  7. What are the key elements of an effective introduction that hooks readers?
  8. Can you suggest methods for incorporating multimedia content, such as images and videos?
  9. How do I maintain consistency in tone and voice across my content?
  10. What steps can I take to optimize my content for social media sharing and engagement?

If you want a more specific type of command to use when creating content, get ready to say goodbye to writer’s block because I have here a 700+ word ChatGPT prompt that you can check out that helped my team and I create over 1000 blog posts in just one year!

Prompts on how to make a sales page

Now, these next few prompts are designed to help you create compelling sales pages that will surely resonate with your customers and convert generated leads into loyal customers:

  1. What are the essential components of a high-converting sales page?
  2. Can you provide tips for crafting compelling headlines that grab attention and generate interest?
  3. How do I structure my sales page to lead visitors through the sales funnel effectively?
  4. What are the best practices for writing persuasive copy that drives action and conversions?
  5. Can you suggest strategies for incorporating social proof and testimonials to build credibility?
  6. How do I create an irresistible offer or call-to-action that encourages visitors to take the next step?
  7. What role does visual design play in enhancing the effectiveness of a sales page, and how can I optimize it?
  8. Can you recommend techniques for addressing objections and overcoming potential barriers to purchase?
  9. How do I optimize my sales page for search engines to attract organic traffic?
  10. What metrics should I track and analyze to measure the success of my sales page, and how can I continuously improve its performance?

If you’re looking for more in-depth sales page prompts to use for ChatGPT, here are prompts containing almost 200 words for designing a digital product and sales page that was made by yours truly.

(PS: Numbers don’t lie, and the digital product and sales page that we created just from these three prompts alone made surprising bank)

Prompts for online marketing

If you want to boost your online marketing game, like on Facebook, Pinterest, or even through email lists, these prompts are tailored to offer valuable insights and strategies to boost your online presence and reach your target audience effectively:

  1. Discuss the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing.
  2. Explore strategies for building and nurturing an email subscriber list.
  3. Analyze successful social media campaigns and their key elements.
  4. Examine the role of content marketing in driving traffic and engagement.
  5. Evaluate different advertising platforms and their suitability for specific business goals.
  6. Highlight the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for increasing website visibility.
  7. Explain the concept of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and its impact on sales.
  8. Discuss the benefits of influencer marketing and how to leverage it effectively.
  9. Explore the use of analytics tools for measuring and analyzing marketing performance.
  10. Provide insights into developing a comprehensive online marketing strategy for a new business.

Prompts for web development

Dreaming of a sleek and functional website?

These prompts will help guide you through the process of creating an accessible and user-friendly site that stands out from the crowd: 

  1. Discuss the latest trends in web development, particularly in responsive design and user experience.
  2. What are the essential elements of a well-designed and functional website?
  3. Can you provide tips for optimizing website performance and loading speed?
  4. How do I choose the right content management system (CMS) for my website?
  5. Explain the importance of mobile responsiveness and how to ensure compatibility across devices.
  6. What security measures should I implement to protect my website from cyber threats?
  7. How can I enhance website accessibility to ensure inclusivity for all users?”
  8. What are the best practices for implementing SEO-friendly elements into web development?
  9. Discuss the process of integrating third-party plugins and tools into a website.
  10. How do I troubleshoot common issues and bugs in web development, such as browser compatibility and coding errors?

Do you want to boost your pinterest productivity with ChatGPT prompts?

Are you tired of spending hours crafting pin titles and descriptions for your Pinterest account? 

Well say goodbye to the endless workload because we’ve got you covered!

Apply now and receive personalized ChatGPT prompts designed to help you rank better and enhance the overall clickthrough rates of your Pinterest page, giving you a competitive edge in the crowded digital space.

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What are the most effective ChatGPT prompts?

Great prompts for ChatGPT include specific details like background info, facts, or your preferences which can enhance ChatGPT’s understanding and help it grasp the situation better to respond accurately. 

How do I write better ChatGPT prompts?

If you want to create more effective ChatGPT prompts, be specific, clear, and provide the necessary context to let ChatGPT generate better content. You can also incorporate roleplay and give it examples as to how you want your content to be written.

Is there a limit to how many words I can have in a prompt?

Though there isn’t a strict maximum word limit when writing prompts for ChatGPT, a good guideline is to keep prompts under 256 tokens (words) to ensure ChatGPT can process them effectively. Longer prompts can still technically work, but they could potentially be less productive in guiding the conversation.

Does ChatGPT have a limit per hour?

Well, yes and no. Both ChatGPT 3 and ChatGPT 3.5 allow unlimited questions per hour, enabling users to engage in numerous conversations with these AI models. However, ChatGPT 4 has a restriction of 40 questions within a 3-hour period.

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