5 Easy Ways To Make Money With Email Marketing

Whether you’re a startup looking for your first clients or an experienced entrepreneur looking to expand, email marketing provides several options to grow income and create customer connections.

In a world where digital marketing trends come and go like the latest dance on TikTok, email marketing stands out as a constant performer. 

It’s not just about sending messages into the void. 

Rather, it’s about connecting with real people who genuinely want to hear from you and are interested in what you have to offer. 

So, if you’re ready to take advantage of the vast opportunities emails have to offer and boost your business growth, there’s no better time than now to jump in and ride the email marketing wave to success.

What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work?

A short-haired woman in glasses is talking to someone on the phone while checking her emails through her laptop propped on an organized desk.

To put it simply, email marketing is all about building an email list, and using that to send emails about your business and the products and services you have to offer. 

Every organization has its own unique method, but all of them ultimately aim for 3 main things.

To have visibility for their brand, gain a strong and lasting audience, and enhance their overall revenue and sales.

In order to get the ball rolling, you should first start by collecting email addresses from people who you think are going to be interested in your products.

You can do this through the use of sign-up forms on your website, social media or any other marketing channel.

Once you’ve got your list of potential clients, categorize them by their demographics or interests to ensure you’re targeting the right people who’ll benefit from your business. 

Lastly, to ensure that you’ve really hit the mark, create compelling and exciting content that will grab your audience’s attention and keep them coming back for more, whether it’s through various newsletters or special promotions.

5 Dynamic Strategies To Improve Your Marketing Through Emails

#1 Try Selling Your Own Products

A monitor showing the interface of a dress and a couple other products being sold online. Beside the monitor are clothes stacked on top of one another and behind is a (presumed) woman fixing an order.

So, you’ve already got a product to sell and now you’re just looking to expand your reach, what next? 

Well, marketing your products and services through promoting it in emails is the way to go.

Whether it’s a tangible product or something digital, the goal is to offer products and services that speak to your target audience’s wants and needs.

For instance, if creating literature is your forte, selling eBooks could be your ticket to success. 

People are always hungry for knowledge, and your eBook could be just what they need to take their understanding to the next level. 

Or maybe you’re particularly good at leading a group of people to not only teach valuable skills but also keep them interested and engaged in what you have to say. 

In that case, consider promoting your online group sessions that are specifically catered to what your target audience prefers. 

#2 Consider Adding Affiliate Links In Your Emails 

A man in a business suit only seen from the neck to the upper torso, holding his hand out to the person behind the screen as if wanting to shake hands.

If selling your own products seems a little bit inconvenient, or if you simply just don’t have anything to offer yet, go ahead and try affiliate marketing.

Ever heard of it? 

Well if you haven’t, it’s basically like being the middleman between a company and your email subscribers. 

Your job is to promote other people’s products or services, and when someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you get to pocket a commission from the sale in return.

It sounds easy but you have to market yourself really well for anything to come through and make it a viable source of income. 

Affiliate marketing through email is a phenomenal way to make money because it can generate a steady stream of passive income (when done correctly).

This works great, because whether you’re sleeping or just doing your own thing (i.e. not working), you’ll still be earning money all because they clicked on a single link attached to the email that you sent.

Though, do keep in mind to to be careful to include affiliate links directly in your emails.

The reason being is because if some Email Marketing Services don’t allow you to add affiliate links into your emails Additionally if you put too many in, your emails could go directly into your audience’s spam folder. 

One way to get around that is to link to your own website or business profile instead of putting your affiliate link in your email copy. 

By doing this, not only are you promoting your business to the interested masses, but you’re also protecting your account from going through the hassle of being blocked. 

Or also, in worst cases, banned from your email marketing provider as a whole (which you should be trying to avoid at all cost).

#3 Get Sneaky with Cross-Selling

A salesman wearing red is talking up his customer and convincing him to buy one of his golf clubs.

If you’ve already got your subscribers’ attention with one product, why not tempt them with a few more?

This is where the potential of cross-selling comes in. 

Though similar to upselling in some ways, the latter usually involves nudging customers towards a pricier product or service than what they initially asked for.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, is all about suggesting additional items that complement what they’ve already purchased, basically supplementing what’s already there.

The way I see it, cross-selling can even be a more effective strategy than upselling can be!

But how so?

Well, you see, after your customer splurges on a product, he or she might not be willing to spend more cash right away.

But if they’re happy with what they purchased, customers are more likely to spend on some extra stuff here and there that won’t hurt their pockets as much. 

For example, if someone just bought a new phone, chances are, they’ll also need earphones, a phone case, and maybe even a screen protector to go along with it. 

By bundling these products together and forwarding a cross-selling email, you’re making it super simple for customers to get everything they want in one go.

This is why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of cross-selling, because it not only offers value and convenience to your customers, but you’re also boosting your sales in the process.

In short, it’s all about giving your subscribers what they want before they even know they want it.

#4 Reel Them In with a Tripwire Offer

A woman wearing a pastel blue rib-knit sweater, is sitting up on her bed with a credit card in her hand and holding it up to her head and contemplating whether she should make an online purchase or not.

When it comes to thriving with email marketing, tapping into people’s psychology can work wonders. 

To be clear, I’m not talking about blatantly manipulating your audience into doing things that they don’t want to (that’s just unethical practice).

No, I’m just saying that you can take advantage of some crafty little triggers to gently guide them and give that one final push into the right direction (to purchase your product).

An example of this would be to use the “Fear Of Missing Out“, aka FOMO to motivate your customers to take your desired action.

Whether it’s grabbing a sweet deal on affiliate products, getting those early bird tickets to your favorite band’s upcoming concert, or winning a limited edition item, FOMO can be your best friend to turn those views into clicks.

So, how do you incorporate FOMO into your emails? 

It’s all about creating that sense of urgency and scarcity

By using phrases like “last chance” or “running out fast,” sit back and watch those clicks and conversions soar. 

After all, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re getting in on something exclusive?

A tripwire offer is basically all about luring in your subscribers with an unbeatable deal that they just can’t resist. 

Whether it’s a steep discount, a limited only offer, or a freebie, tripwires can act like bait for your email list. 

The best part is that once you’ve got them hooked, you can reel them in with even more offers down the line, amplifying your sales even further.

#5 Follow Up on Your Subscribers

A follow up email from Steam announcing that the games in the cart of the person holding the phone are on sale.

So, you already sent your email to your subscribers’ inboxes, but it doesn’t look like they’re getting back to you anytime soon. 

(Does this situation sound familiar?)

Well, sometimes your subscribers just might need a little extra nudge to take action, and that’s where follow-up emails come in handy. 

Make sure to give it a day or two after sending out your initial email, then send a quick follow-up to those who haven’t opened it yet to avoid bombarding and potentially spamming your subscribers. 

The cool thing is, because of certain features in most email marketing tools, you can even set these follow-ups to send themselves automatically.

This reduces the hassle and helps you focus on other, more important tasks that you need to do. 

Earn Money The Right Way With Email Marketing

Ever find yourself sending out those emails that you spent a lot of time working on, only for them to fall through and people not even opening them in the first place? 

While some make a fortune from email marketing, others struggle just to have their emails sent in the first place. 

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Do people still use email marketing in 2024?

Short answer, yes. Email marketing is still worth your time and money in 2024 and it adapts to changing client expectations and tastes, assuring its continuous relevance in the years to come.

Is it legal to do email marketing?

In the beginning, the majority of email marketing restrictions were meant to prevent spam. But as the internet’s reach expanded, it became much more important to consider the user’s privacy. Nowadays, businesses can only send out marketing emails to customers who give their permission and should have the choice to stop if they change their minds.

Is email marketing profitable?

Email marketing generally beats other marketing channels in terms of return on investment (ROI) because of its cheap cost per campaign. As a result, even moderate success may quickly cover costs and generate a profit.

Is email marketing good for beginners?

Even if you’re still new to email marketing, you can still rake in a lot of money. It’s known for its high conversion rates and low setup costs, making it easy for you to make serious profit without breaking the bank.

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