Characteristics Of A Good Order Bump (And Why They’re Must-Haves For Every Sales Page)

Ever thought about how to boost your sales even more? 

Well, you’re certainly not alone.

If you want to gain more revenue without having to put in the extra work, order bumps are going to be your best friend.

What are order bumps, you may ask?

In a nutshell, order bumps give your customers the option to add more items to their order right before they check out, without needing to navigate away from the page they’re currently on. 

(Not to be confused with upselling, which is a sales technique that encourages buyers to purchase a higher quality and priced product of the one they originally bought)

Although it sounds pretty simple, you’d be surprised at how effective order bumps are at increasing your average order value! 

In this article, we’ll dive into why order bumps are a smart strategy for maximizing profit and examine how successful businesses are using them to great effect, giving you practical insights to implement in your own online store. 

How does an order bump work?

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To give you an example, let’s say that your business revolves around selling different kinds of gadgets. 

You decided to add a sleek $10 headphone case as an optional extra when customers are about to complete their purchase on a pair of brand new, 45-dollar headphones. 

It’s not only relevant to the purchase, but it’s also the perfect accessory! 

For just a fraction of the headphones’ price, customers can ensure that it stays protected just because of a little add-on product.

And even if only half of your customers decide to grab this item, that’s still extra, tangible cash rolling in every month all from a simple checkbox at checkout! 

And the best part? It’s a breeze to incorporate into your sales page, requiring minimal effort on your part after the initial setup.

Talk about making a real impact with hardly any heavy lifting!

Why even bother with order bumps?

Order bumps might seem like a small addition to your checkout process, but they can make a big difference in your bottom line. Let’s dive into why they’re worth your attention:

  • It’s Easy And Straightforward: Implementing order bumps doesn’t require you to be an expert in coding, creating your own website from scratch, or anything like that. With most e-commerce platforms, setting up an order bump is as simple as checking a box or adding (just a few) lines of code. Plus, once it’s set up, it runs on autopilot, which only requires minimal maintenance.
  • It’s Super Convenient For Your Customers: Think about it from your customers’ perspective; they’re already in buying mode and ready to make a purchase. By offering them a relevant add-on right at the checkout page, you’re saving them the time and hassle of finding the products themselves.
  • It Boosts Perceived Value: When you offer a relevant product at a discounted price, it enhances how much the main product is worth. Customers feel like they’re getting a better deal by adding on the extra item, which can lead to higher overall satisfaction with their purchase.
  • It’s Scalable: Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large enterprise, order bumps can scale with your growth. You can test different bump offers, tweak them based on performance, and continue to optimize as your business expands. Once you see the benefits from one product, you can replicate this across other items (as long as you have the product or service that has the right features and benefits and gives value to the purchase, that is.)

Basically, order bumps are all about making smart, customer-centric choices that naturally enhance their shopping experience, and a clever way to sell your products without being pushy

What should i keep in mind to make my order bumps irresistible? 

To create an order bump that customers really want to add to their carts, you need to think about a few key things:

  • Ensure That It’s Relevant To The Current Purchase: The add-on product must be related to the main item. For instance, if you’re buying a laptop, a compatible mouse or a stylish laptop sleeve could be perfect as an order bump. Don’t just go around bumping items that aren’t even related to each other as this might confuse your customers.
  • Make Sure It Provides Value: The extra product should enhance the customer’s experience. Remember, the goal isn’t just to make an additional sale but to genuinely improve your customer’s journey and satisfaction. By prioritizing value addition in your order bumps, you’re not only boosting immediate sales but also fostering long-term loyalty and positive brand associations.
  • Pricing Strategy: The price of the order bump should feel like a small addition compared to the main product but still substantial enough to be worth it. It’s about finding the sweet spot where the price is low enough not to deter the customer but high enough to increase the store’s revenue significantly.
  • Discount Perception: Everyone appreciates a good discount, and having these in your order bumps make them even more attractive. If a customer sees that they’re getting a deal, like 20% off the regular price when bought together with the main item, they’re more likely to take the bait and buy your product.

Examples in Action

Order bumps are a common strategy used by many famous companies to enhance customer purchases at the point of checkout. Here are three real-world examples:

Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together”

Amazon is a prime example of using order bumps effectively.

When you view a product, Amazon often displays a section called “Frequently Bought Together,” showing items that other customers have bought alongside the one you’re viewing.

For example, if you’re looking at a new DSLR camera, the order bump might include items like a camera bag and a memory card as a bundle offer.

This encourages customers to add these complementary items to their cart, increasing the overall order value.

An example of Amazon's order bumps.

McDonald’s Meal Upgrade

McDonald’s has a classic approach to ordering bumps with their meal upgrade options.

Let’s say when you order a burger, you are often asked if you would like to make it a meal by adding fries and a drink for a small additional cost.

This simple suggestion serves as an order bump, enhancing the customer’s initial purchase and simultaneously increasing the sale’s total value.

An example of an add-on order bump for a ChocNut Sundae from Mcdonald's.

Best Buy’s Tech Support Services

When purchasing electronics from Best Buy, customers are often prompted with an order bump for Geek Squad Protection or tech support services. 

This offer appears when you are reviewing your cart, suggesting an extended warranty or a support plan that complements the electronic device you are buying, such as a laptop or smartphone. 

This not only adds value to the customer’s purchase by providing peace of mind but also increases the average order value for Best Buy.

An example of Best Buy's pop-up support services.

Ready To Make More Money With Better Order Bumps?

It’s clear that this strategy is not just about boosting sales, but it’s about enhancing the customer experience with thoughtful, relevant offers that add value to the primary purchase. 

Companies like Amazon, McDonald’s, and Best Buy demonstrate how effectively order bumps can be integrated into various business models, ensuring customers leave with more than they came for, and often with a smile.

Implementing order bumps is a smart move for any business looking to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. 

(It’s these small touches that can turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer)

So, whether you’re a small online retailer or a large corporation, consider how you might use order bumps to not only increase your average order value but also make shopping with you a more delightful and rewarding experience for your customers.

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